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Project documentation (video & photo) for Welti-Furrer. Loading and transportation of a K12 compressor with a total weight of 490t. 
Project documentation for etraxa AG during a suction excavator operation at night. 
Project documentation for Welti-Furrer. Lifting a 28t Limmat ship with two mobile cranes.  
Short video  Windsurfing Swiss Championship 2023 in Silvaplana. 
Project documentation for Bauberger AG in the VBZ tram depot. 
Compilation of the best-of material for a corporate film for ADEV.
Short video  Windsurfing Swiss Championship 2022 in Silvaplana. 
Short video Kitefoil Swiss Championship 2022 in Silvaplana. 
Drone video flight at Grenchen airport to document solar installations on three buildings. 
Video  and photo event documentation for Baloise Insurances. 
One day assignment at the Swiss windsurfing championships with a focus on photos. Nevertheless, there was still enough video footage for a 60sec summary film.
Documentation of the installation of a 85t filter press with a double-lift crane in a recycling center.
Documentation of a new ADEV hydropower plant in Gerlafingen (SO).  
Drone film to document commercial solar panels on various roofs for ADEV Solarstrom AG
Video documentation for Bauberger AG in the production halls of Lindt & Sprüngli in Zurich.
Marketing video for Welti-Furrer about the new business field "construction logistics".
Project documentation for Bauberger AG  about the moving for Stöckli Ski in Malters.
Product video for Kombucha Moya - Combined photo- and video-shoot within a few hours on the same day.
Combined photo and video project for Welti-Furrer Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG over three days. Transport of a Burckhardt Hyper-Compressor by night through Switzerland and loading it onto a ship on the Rhine in Basel.
Kitesurfing on Lake Silvaplana. A nearly two-minute homage to my second home in the upper Engadin valley.
Project documentation for Bauberger AG about the introduction of a ENGEL injection molding machine at Nolato Treff AG in Degersheim.

The highlight from two action-rich winter seasons. A four-minute short film about snowkiting far away from civilization in the Swiss Alps: BEYOND KITESURFING - THE TWO FACES OF WINTER. The film shows the two opposing sides of the alpine mountain world, from the fairytale, sunny dream landscapes to the summit tours with the kite in nasty storm conditions. Make sure to turn the volume up!

The thermal winds of Lefkada - 104 seconds about our kitesurfing adventure in unknown Greece. Apart from a single recommendation we had no information about the spot. But that was enough for us to discover the different spots for two weeks in summer 2018 and create a short clip about our trip.

Combined photo and video project for Welti-Furrer Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG. Transport of three refrigerated rail containers for the Pistor company from the manufacturer Ackermann Fahrzeugbau in Willisau, Lucerne, to Rothenburg for rail loading. Departure, drive, arrival and loading were documented including drone recordings.

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