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The proimagehub offers professional and image-promoting photography and videography and specialises in image design for marketing and communication purposes. This is based on experience, professionalism, passion and perfection as crucial factors that lead to expressive, emotional and individual images.

proimagehub GmbH was founded by Lukas Pitsch in 2017. With over ten years of experience and diverse activities and management roles in marketing, project and product management, the MSc ETH industrial engineer has been blending his passion as a photographer with his experience in international and domestic marketing for years. His passion for kite surfing is also noticeable in his publications.


In addition to classic photography and videography for marketing purposes such as websites, (digital) communication, advertising, etc., aerial and drone photography are just some of his core competencies, as are project and mission documentation or event photography. Safety equipment for construction site use is available as well as experience for use in sterile environments such as food production or clinical environments (medical operations).


proimagehub GmbH and founder Lukas Pitsch are well-connected and work closely with professional partners from a wide range of sectors such as photography, video, marketing, communication, graphics, printing, etc. The result and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. therefore, nonfeasible tasks are carried out in collaboration with our partners or even mediated, or recommendations are made.


Travel costs are usually calculated from Horgen (Canton Zurich). Missions without travel expenses are also available from St. Moritz upon agreement. 


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